Finance and public procurement


The Department of Finance and Public Procurement consists of three (3) departments which are:

The three departments that make up the Department of Finance and Public Procurement.

Budget and Accounting Service
Responsible for everything related to the budget such as: payment of salaries as well as operating and equipment costs.
Public Procurement Service
He prepares specifications, announces calls for tender, discusses service offers and selects the best offers for directorate and residences, follows the various contracts.
Construction and equipment operations monitoring service
It controls contractors in all phases of construction as well as investments related to directorate and university residences.
Human resources management
Management of the financial resources of the directorate because it has a mission to control the disbursements of the budget.
Investment project follow-up
Monitoring the implementation of directorate's investment projects
Equipment of the establishment
Equip the directorate and the entire establishment of affiliated service providers with the necessary equipment.
salary management
Management of executive salaries
All department functions


The finance and procurement department is considered the financial source of directorate; Its functions are practically the following:

Operations monitoring
Supervision of maintenance operations and initialization of directorate and residences
Award public contracts
Award public transport and restoration contracts for directorate provisioning and residences.
Monitoring of construction works
Monitoring the construction works of new service providers
Coordination between departments
Coordination between the services in charge of monitoring and maintenance operations of projects and directorate equipment.