The Scholarships Department is made up of two (2) departments which are:

The two services that make up the Scholarships Department

Scholarship award service
Studies the requests submitted to the directorate services and allocates scholarships to new students, especially those who are benefiting from the scholarship for the first time.
Scholarship Renewal Service
Study the request of former students who have already benefited from the scholarship in previous years.
Reception and study of scholarship applications
Receive and study scholarship requests submitted by students.
Renewal of scholarship requests
Ensuring the renewal of scholarship requests.
All department functions


The scholarship department has the task of providing scholarships to university students who have the required conditions, its functions can be summarized in the following points

Payment of scholarships
Regular payment of scholarships.
Processing and follow-up of scholarship requests
Process and monitor the documents of student beneficiaries of the scholarship.
Processing and payment of scholarships for foreign students
Treatment and support of scholarships for foreign students.